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I love the model's look, her stance, and her beautiful toned body. The location is well chosen for the image, with the dark tones in th...

Sunset Underpass by MARX77
by MARX77

How much can you pack into such a small photograph? So many stories going on, and that's just the bus passing overhead. Characters goin...

Watching the skies burn by m-eralp
by m-eralp

typical m-eralp... virtually perfect with dedication to the real, not aided. serene, calm, totally green and a beautiful setting. I esp...

New moon by Aura-Dawn

You have done the impossible. It might take decades to pull off this exposure. Capturing a full Moon and with clouds at night is too ex...


Bicycle repair, two.img057 by harrietsfriend
Bicycle repair, two.img057
This time as a vertical composition.  Which do you prefer?

Taken with my Hasselblad 500C with a Zeiss 250mm F5.6 Sonnar on Kodak Tri-X panchromatic film.
eugene spiegel

for the Sharpened Image May challenge.

See original, below, with the story of how I came to take the photo.

Bicycle repair.img061, with story by harrietsfriend 
Jacob, no seatbelt.DSCN2754, with story by harrietsfriend
Jacob, no seatbelt.DSCN2754, with story
I closed the shop, put up my "Back in 5 minutes" sign and took my bicycle out for lunch.  Jacob chose to follow me to IGA's deli, to get a snack.  I on my bicycle, he on his skateboard.  Along the way, I would snap, guess photos, behind my back, while still riding, and he would follow as best he could.  This photo started as a wide field image, cropped to correct, one of twelve exposures.

This image shows the story.  I wanted to capture traffic and how he fit in, with his foot in propulsion mode, clearly showing he was on the main road from town.  I would wait now and then for him to catch up.  Upon arriving he had a chance to rethink his decision, but he'll most likely keep getting around this way.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel

I kept the file large so you might download for the details.  This is a quite interesting documentary image, which will mean a lot to Jacob.  It's not the type of image often recorded, but says much about him, his life style, and how he fits into the modern local world.

During the push scooter phase a few decades ago I tried taking to the road.  I wasn't worth the effort to gain the extra speed, and you developed leg muscles unevenly on the push leg you favored.  On a flat campus it makes a lot of sense.
Shari, with story by harrietsfriend
Shari, with story
We started this as a figure study, but tried on a few tops as it progressed.

I always have felt sheer is better than nude, as I enjoy the suggestion of female curves even more than the detailed images.  This was selected as it brought out her personality more so than the others.  It might be because of the head tilt, or the placement of her hand on her shoulder.  I learned long ago not to look too deeply into the why, just appreciate the response.

Taken with my Hasselblad 500C with a Zeiss 150mm F4.0 Sonnar on Kodak VPS color negative film in the 1980s.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel

I was unable to make up my mind about how to crop.  This was an alternative view.

Sharitightda by harrietsfriend 
Roadside tree.IRD-200.1823, with story by harrietsfriend
Roadside tree.IRD-200.1823, with story
On my way back from Bloomington, Indiana, I returned to check out a small group of trees, just off the main highway, of State Route 46.

In the midst of the group was a dead tree which promised possibilities.  By positioning myself I managed to place it directly in front of its living neighbor, similar to a halo of living around the formerly living.  As is my style I first photographed it in standard color, then again in infrared, the image you are now seeing.

Back in the gallery I chose this palate of colors, while leaving the living tree close to natural in appearance, I went free with the rest of the image.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel

Bloomington is the home of Indiana University and where the movie "Breaking Away", was filmed, a classic coming of age story.

for the Sharpened Edge May challenge.
Bill too, with story by harrietsfriend
Bill too, with story
We met Bill a short time ago, as he visited our town.  Always with a guitar, and a tune to sing.  Attention follows him around, as he is in character wherever he goes.

Aside from his stories, his magic and his ebullience, his newest hat has names written upon it.  He explained they were the signatures of the band "Sand Creek Soul" he had been playing with in rural Indiana, but who could know how true that story was.  As I readied my camera to capture his portrait, he began yet another ditty to entertain us.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel

Original portrait posted February 6, 2016.

Bill by harrietsfriend 
When I was fresh out of college and still idealistic, I considered entering the Peace Core and offering my services in the third world.  I asked myself, what good is being a photographer in helping suffering and bring improvement overseas.  I spoke no other languages, to speak of, and had no agricultural or engineering skills. 

I felt I could do more good in the USA, so I took my camera to the streets locally.  In my gallery you will find many inner city images, as I roamed about.

Turns out I was completely wrong about "what good is it?"

What the photographer offers is the time machine of now, kept for later.  These images you take today carry on for others to view again, and sometimes again.

I review everyday, images taken for the media posted on internet, television, magazines, and newspapers, to walls of all sizes from the space in your home, to billboards of unlimited dimensions. 


I can not imagine, anything more important today, as it influences all, again and again.

I was given the gift of seeing.  I'm encouraged daily, as images are constantly appearing in the form of nature, people, geography, including the world I travel in. Lots of us enjoy this, but like music, if it isn't in you, it's hard to make it.  You can buy cameras, so smart, sharp and steady, but still it has to be directed where and what to record.

I'll give you an example.  Yesterday walking from my parked car, carrying my usual bundles to the gallery, I first passed a daisy like flower swaying in the breeze.  Took it. Posted it yesterday.  I then took a shortcut through a parking lot, passing the old courthouse.  Saw a well dressed couple having just left the building.  As I'm curious and friendly, it turns out they had just had a wedding and were going on in their joined world.  Another quick photo.  I sent it to them and now they have a documentary image of their lives, a historical image meaning more each day.

Even if you are not aware of it, your street images, or life recordings carry more than just face value.  They carry a coinage of lasting time, long beyond today's interest.

Like I said, I was wrong.

eugene spiegel

Daisies.800-1551, with story by harrietsfriend

Just married. 800-1554, with story by harrietsfriend


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