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Cabin windows.DSCN2327, with story by harrietsfriend
Cabin windows.DSCN2327, with story
Imagine your hidden cabin in the woods.

Be at one with nature.  If you are quiet you might see some of the forest dwellers as they forage around.

Now that fall has arrived, some of the leaves have begun to change, more will follow soon.  It's quite magical and yet natural, an annual event.

Pull up a chair and let your time travels begin.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel
Time Trial. img858, with story by harrietsfriend
Time Trial. img858, with story
A Time Trial race is done alone, over the same course as competitors, the shortest time wins.  As the conditions are generally the same for each rider, strength, stamina, efficiency through aerodynamics, and form, make the biggest differences.  Usually this is an out and back event, so wind advantages are eliminated as what was a headwind one direction is a tailwind the other way.

I had this image taken of me by my girlfriend, at the start of the Ohio State Master's championship Time Trial.  Each state had their own regional races as part of the United States Cycling Federation, then the winners would compete in the national races for the USCF jersey, and often Professional teams rosters for the next season.

Taken with my Leica M2, with 35mm F2.0 Summicron on Kodak Kodacolor negative film in the late 1980s.  The camera was panned as I went by near the start, of the 40 Kilometer long race.

Feel free to download.

eugene spiegel

This tricked out race bicycle was built just for this time of solo event.  The front wheel was a 650C while the rear disc was a 700C. Using only a 54 tooth front chainring and a 6 speed 13-21 rear freewheel.  I average a bit over 24 mph, reaching speeds on the flat of over 32 mph, good enough to medal but not in the running for the nationals.  The smaller front wheel would allow the body to stay flatter, passing through the wind more efficiently.  Even though the frame was made out of steel, the ultralight bicycle was still only 19 pounds.  At this time I would have been in my early 40s.
Wet leaves.DSCN2377, with story, 2 parts by harrietsfriend
Wet leaves.DSCN2377, with story, 2 parts
A drizzle was coming down making splashes in the wet lowlands.  

I was exploring the forest surrounding a creek and realized just the leaves floating on the surface made an interesting image. I took this in color, but was so pleased with the black and white image, that I will present it both ways, today in monochrome, a few days later in color.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel

Reminds me of an illustration from an old novel or an etching. 
Bobby.img839, with story by harrietsfriend
Bobby.img839, with story
We were friendly competitors coming from a similar background.  

Both of us had worked for, and then inherited our business from our fathers.  We grew to know each other and were friends, sharing interests in the business economy, cameras and watches.  In this instance we had taken time off from work to eat at a downtown restaurant.  As always I brought a camera wherever I went and took the time to take this spontaneous portrait of him, as he sat in front of me, as we waited.

Quite a penetrating gaze with his eyes just off level, the style Renaissance portrait artists liked to use.  Taken with my Leica M2, with 50mm F2.0 Summicron on Kodak Tri-X 135mm panchromatic film in the mid 1970s.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel

This portrait has a lot of power, yet the back lighting was so strong, it made a difficult image to print.  I held back presenting this image for over a year, but could not shake the strength it offered and decided to post it.
Almost home.img800-1172, with story by harrietsfriend
Almost home.img800-1172, with story
In the fall our small town has visitors arrive from near and far for Brown County's famous forest scenery. Imagine taking this road/driveway to your home.  Many who visit, come to live and join our small town of under 1000 residents.  We have our issues as well, but after a few deep breaths of our clean air, they don't seem so bad.

In only 7 degrees of separation you are home.

Start by coming in on State Route 46, turn into town of Nashville.  Right at the only stoplight, take a left onto Greasy Creek just after passing through town. Bear left at the fork, go left up this driveway you share with your neighbor, turn into your home and park.

Feel free to download, and visit.

eugene spiegel
It comes as no surprise to me how extreme the reactions to cycling can be.

On the one hand, it is a great form of exercise, with fun, companionship and many levels of enjoyment.  There seem to be as many bicycles in America, as cars, and that's saying a lot.  Who doesn't enjoy the time spent outside in the warmth riding casually with new or old friends, on a pleasant trail or quiet road.

And yet, so many drivers abhor the commuting cyclist taking up space on the roads.  Why can't they all get on the sidewalk (if even one was available) or not get in the way of their commute to wherever they must go, as quickly as possible.  Never mind, the car driver has little time to see the surroundings they are passing through, or enjoy the delights of exercise.  I'm busy and important, and don't you forget it!

So I'm used to these reactions and comments from the road.  As I struggle up hills, and delight going down them, swooping into curves and knowing after all this exercise (which I call fun) I can eat most anything I want, having earned these extra calories. I have taken countless images from the seats of my bicycles, just fishing the small camera out of one of the jersey pockets behind me.  Anything great is an easy pull over, stopping to take the image.

Once I am on the bike, the pressing times are removed as I am now in the 4th dimension, of space and time, actually not existing anywhere at the moment as I am in motion. Stopping to park a car can be a challenge, not so just dismounting and laying the bike on its side.  Stress is removed by exercise, so I am often in a pleasant mood while many others I encounter have no such release.  There is a side effect of good health, and as I commute in many levels of weather, my immune system is in great shape, as it gets it's exercise too.

When some new friend asks how long I have been riding or for how much distance I like to compare my accumulated mileage to the diameter of the earth at the equator.  It is just shy of 25,000 miles around.  I tell them I have travelled this distance more than 4 times around the earth since I have been bicycle riding.  The point is, without cycling I would have missed many great photos. A extra bonus is keen eyesight.  It's important to scan the road before you for possible things which might cause a flat tire.  This trains the eye to see in detail, and helps to see possible images to photograph.

In spite of all the advantages, it is still quite unpopular with many.  There  have been basically only a small handful of cycling movies to be popular, with the best being "Breaking Away", filmed in Bloomington, Indiana, just 25 miles away from here.  

Coincidence?  I think not.

eugene spiegel


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