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Angels Fall by borda
by borda

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Portrait de rue by hubert61

This is so good, I immediately assumed in came from a Hollywood make up for a documentary style film. This kind of close up requires co...

2014-195 Lower Falls Footbridge by pearwood

This is a fine black and white photo, but better yet what the Argus C3 was designed for, a great photo on a budget with full control an...

2014-052 Walking the pier by pearwood

Possible the best snow photo taken as an art image with an Argus C3. The composition is correct, the framing pleasing and the image sha...


Tree boughs.img664, with story by harrietsfriend
Tree boughs.img664, with story
It was warm.  I was in no hurry.  I didn't even know how long I would be on the road that day.  

On the way west in America, I stopped to eat a lunch, while relaxing from a few hours driving and looking around.  I sat down, then took the time to look up, and this is what I saw.

Most likely in Colorado, halfway across the country, I was still 4 days out with likely 4 more to go.  Gas in 1973 was about half a dollar a gallon and in my '58 VW microbus I was getting about 24 mpg at the cruising speed of 50mph.  Sub warp.

Taken with my Hasselblad 500C with a 50mm F4.0 Zeiss Distagon, on Kodak VPS color negative film.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel

When clients enter my gallery/vintage shop in Brown County, Indiana, I explain how anywhere you could look and point will be a special treasure.  Well you know, someone pointed to my ceiling and I had nothing.  After thinking about it, I got out this negative and will soon correct it.
Fish.img333, with story by harrietsfriend
Fish.img333, with story
On my honeymoon, in 1993, we went to Hawaii.  The flight was over eight hours, and that was just the leg from California to Oahu Island.  The airline seats were quite narrow, but compared to my recent flights, I should have been quite happy to have so much leg room.

We visited an inlet off the north shore, known for friendly schools of ocean fish, who were used to being fed by people.  In those days my underwater vacation camera was a Minolta Weathermatic Dual 35, a yellow jacketed 35mm with both wide and normal internal lenses, capable of a depth to 20 feet. The quality underwater was fair, but you could take it to the beach without worries, just rinse off under the faucet when you got back to your room.

This image was taken on Kodak 200 Gold negative film.  Underwater images have a blue/green emphasis and this image was been adjusted to correct the color imbalance.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel
Store interior.img304, with story by harrietsfriend
Store interior.img304, with story
This was my test for the Russian made, Horizon 220, 135mm panoramic camera.  It uses a double size 35mm negative.  For this test I used Kodak Gold 200 negative film.

The camera gets its 120 degree wide coverage by swinging the 28mm F2.8 lens in a horizontal axis.  The film plane inside the camera, has a matching curved convex film guide to match the swinging lens focal distance.  This allows a distortion free ultra wide photo, without the typical near-far, large-small size alterations, typical of standard ultra wide angle cameras.  To accurately level the camera, critical for correct perspective, there is a bubble level visible in the viewfinder.

I have posted other images of the camera today below to show what it is and how it works.

The Horizon is a good camera, but not in the same league of the German built Noblex, which I have replaced this with, so I have put this up for sale on Ebay, under reliablevintage1908.

Horizon 202.L1040198 by harrietsfriend Horizon 202.L1040204 by harrietsfriend L1040203 by harrietsfriend Horizon 202.L1040202 by harrietsfriend   
eugene spiegel
Inside bridge.img314, with story by harrietsfriend
Inside bridge.img314, with story
I had purchased a Horizon 202, a Russian Zenit ultra wide swing axis camera, which uses a double 135mm negative, for a distortion free image, 120 degrees wide by 45 degrees high. This was an image from its initial test roll, taken on Kodak Gold 200 ASA color negative film.  Since then I have purchased a Noblex, a German, ultra wide swing axis camera which takes a double negative image on 120 film.

This week I will be posting it on EBAY for sale, as I now longer need it, under Reliablevintage1908.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit, and if you are interested, this would be an excellent camera to own.

eugene spiegel
In the forest.img206, with story by harrietsfriend
In the forest.img206, with story
This dead tree was over a hundred feet from the forest edge.  Using a 250mm F5.6 Zeiss Sonnar on my Hasselblad 500C, I was able to compress the field and isolate the tree from the active fall foliage.  Since this lens has a quite selective focus, the areas in front and behind the central focus will be unsharp, giving more emphasis on the tree.  Using Fuji 400 negative 120 film, I was able to create a very large file, 19MB jpeg, after scanning, with my Epson V-500.

I shot the same image with the 150mm lens, but the image was no longer isolated, and was much less effective.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel
I created a new group just the other day, to be called photoswithstory.

As I view creative and interesting images on dA, I often have many questions concerning them.

Why was it taken,  where was it taken, how was it done, when did it occur, who or what is in it and does it have any special significance?

For those who follow me, and this probably means you, my reader, you might be thinking along the same lines.  Wouldn't it be great if with each image, the story or special reasons were included.  I find these tidbits add so much to my appreciation.

Now if you feel this way, I would welcome you joining with me, in my new group.  Check out any of my images, and you will see how much the descriptions add to the overall experience.

eugene spiegel


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