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I love the model's look, her stance, and her beautiful toned body. The location is well chosen for the image, with the dark tones in th...

Sunset Underpass by MARX77
by MARX77

How much can you pack into such a small photograph? So many stories going on, and that's just the bus passing overhead. Characters goin...

Watching the skies burn by m-eralp
by m-eralp

typical m-eralp... virtually perfect with dedication to the real, not aided. serene, calm, totally green and a beautiful setting. I esp...

New moon by Aura-Dawn

You have done the impossible. It might take decades to pull off this exposure. Capturing a full Moon and with clouds at night is too ex...


Tobacco skies.IRD200-1769, with story by harrietsfriend
Tobacco skies.IRD200-1769, with story
Drawn to the extremist philosophy I find it is much easier to explain the alternate universe of infrared. 

     Nice buzz words. Eh?  Some of these phrases came directly from tonight's political news. 

     Sometimes...Make that nearly all the times, I work by instinct.  Why I stop to take an image.  Why I shoot it in infrared, registering heat, not light.  This choice of sky versus ground appears almost correct, yet we both know immediately it's not.

I choose from a immense pallet of colors and decisions.  Contrast, saturation, cropping, framing, editing, physical size, paper surface, and viewing location determine what the final image will look like. 

Final point...

     Does it work for you?

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel 
Crab apple blossoms.DSCN2670, with story by harrietsfriend
Crab apple blossoms.DSCN2670, with story
Outside our community's newspaper office, I passed by these small trees filling the air with scents from pink blossoms.  Upon returning, I paused to give them some camera justice, tightly selecting a bunch of flowers.  The closer I got the better, depth of field, could isolate the petals, throwing the background out of focus.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel
Deep in the blue forest.IRD200-1781, with story by harrietsfriend
Deep in the blue forest.IRD200-1781, with story
posted inside a journal just recently found...

"...deep into the New World forest, once following the dirt path, but now hopelessly lost.  I'm no longer hungry, just anxious and nervous. The quiet is intense, only interrupted by my passing footsteps.  Crossing an animal path, I follow as it leads onward, still farther inside.  The leaves have lost their color, as the sunlight now has spent with the day..."

"...secrets are hidden within.  If I make it out, I shall have quite a story to tell, or should I keep it to myself as my spirits advised?"

      and then on the bottom of the last page...

"If these pages and camera ever make it to the outside world, tell your children and loved ones not to come after me.  Once you leave the path,  all hope is lost. "

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit and heed the warning.
eugene spiegel 
Weathered barn.IRD200-1773, with story by harrietsfriend
Weathered barn.IRD200-1773, with story
I'm getting to like these detours on my road trips, as they keep sending me where I've never been before.

In the Indiana, USA countryside, I keep finding these old barns in the midst of falling apart, then falling down. The back side has lost a lot of timber and I positioned the camera to see the evidence through the upper window.  Taken in infrared, the sky takes on a tobacco feel, while the spring greenery is altered.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel

Same scene in natural light.

800 1503da by harrietsfriend 
Today's message.DSCN2420, and story by harrietsfriend
Today's message.DSCN2420, and story
Can this be *real?...Yes, it was.

While attending the service of my brother's wife's sister, we were directed to turn to song 420 in the psalm book, stand up and sing. While the choir sang, along with the congregation, I noticed what page they had selected and felt how interesting.  Placing the book on a nearby chair, I carefully shot perpendicular to the pages to keep the image square within the frame, while using available light, so as not to distract others.  Not bad for 1/10th a second, handheld.

After getting back to download the images, I noticed the file number, DSCN2420, and thought how could this be.  What do you think?  Was there another hand in this?  Coincidence.  I think not.  Even the song title works for dA, How great thou art.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel

Have an especially pleasant day on this unique American holiday. Cough, cough, cough......................smooth. Hope you like it Mr. Spicoli.

*Things like this happen to me more often than you might expect, but I think it's also a matter of being aware of what's happening around you.  Seeing outside the box, in fact, no box at all.

For those who don't know the why of the posting on this day, it's quite possible to be too clever, and entirely miss your audience.  I carefully left clues about it being April 20th, but like any joke you need to explain, it loses it in translation, and that isn't funny, or clever.  Still not know, ask a young person.  Now let's see what happens on May 4th.
Deviant Art has a group called The--Cutting--Edge, which deals with images that are beyond ordinary photography, going outside the box, making statements within the image.  I call this wheels within wheels, something I do often with my documentary photographs.  There is a great joy in finding hidden extra images within an image, sometimes it might take many views before what becomes obvious is now visible.

I have found semantics to be tricky business. What somethings means varies greatly depending on your experiences and how or where you were raised.  For me cutting edge goes beyond the image, it encapsulates action and how you merge with the others you encounter and our world at large.

For my audience, who knows my style of journalism, you will notice I get in close to my subjects, as it makes the image better, more dramatic, and allows you as the viewer to be part of the action.  This takes chutzpa, balls, or at least a bit of risque, approaching strangers in such an intimate style.  This is cutting edge as well, and this is before the picture is even taken.

Since the mid 1960s and actually before as well, I have carried one or more cameras with me, daily.   I stop when I can, while most others will continue on.  I always try to repay the subject with an image, even turning the camera over to them, as a fair play measure of letting them take my image, as I have just done with them.  This is cutting edge, as I encounter and repay their time and give them the benefit of my experience.

There are some on dA who make a living with sales and points for their work.  This is fine and good.  I prefer to give nearly everything I display to the public, as it was given to me when I took it.  To date I have accumulated some 25 points in 5 years. I display to improve my work and gain knowledge from you, my audience, saving me much effort in deciding what best to exhibit. If you enjoy what I offer, go ahead and download the image, just give me photo credit.  If you really wish to have it on your wall, in highest quality, that can be arranged.  If you know where my images might best belong, pass it on, and see how I feel.

eugene spiegel

Many possibilities are open to one who carries a camera daily.  One has only to stop and ask.

Bicycle repair.img061, with story by harrietsfriend


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