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Angels Fall by borda
by borda

As I have often said. Any day on dA will have images better than the year's best from National Geographic, and here is another one. Muc...

Portrait de rue by hubert61

This is so good, I immediately assumed in came from a Hollywood make up for a documentary style film. This kind of close up requires co...

2014-195 Lower Falls Footbridge by pearwood

This is a fine black and white photo, but better yet what the Argus C3 was designed for, a great photo on a budget with full control an...

2014-052 Walking the pier by pearwood

Possible the best snow photo taken as an art image with an Argus C3. The composition is correct, the framing pleasing and the image sha...


Baby on board.800 0166, with story by harrietsfriend
Baby on board.800 0166, with story
In my business, part gallery and vintage shop, we get many visitors. This last Saturday, one of my clients had a lot on their plate.  It seems shopping had taken over the stroller and alternative methods were improvised.  Asking to record this, I then sent a copy to the parents to remember the day in Nashville.

I have been guilty of this in the past, carrying goods in the lower section of the stroller, so I know how it is.

eugene spiegel
Spring bursts through.img432, with story by harrietsfriend
Spring bursts through.img432, with story
Every spring the fences surrounding the Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA are breached by the long rows of bushes bordering on Winton Road.

I try to catch the moment when the fresh green growth begins to pass the fence bars, as this is the most vibrant color in contrast, to whatever color the fence was last painted, whether green, and gray, and in some older sections a faded black.

Taken with my Hasselblad 500C using an 80mm F2.8 Zeiss Planar, on Kodak VPS color negative film.  This edition was taken in the early 2000s , but each year the colors re-appear making a beautiful contrast and reaffirmation of spring.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.  Once it's downloaded and made big, the spring colors punch out with force and glory.

eugene spiegel
A slice in time.img428, with story by harrietsfriend
A slice in time.img428, with story
This is for the detectives at heart.

While I was in my kitchen, back in the 1970s, a bird, possible a Starling, flew into my closed winter house, sat on my radio and stopped long enough for me to grab my camera to record the event.  There was no way it could have entered, and yet, there it sat.  I took it as a good luck sign, or possible I was on my way to travel soon.

Placed around my table are so many clues to me and my life style.  See how many you can decipher. There literally are well over a dozen.

Taken with my Hasselblad 500C with a 150mm Zeiss Sonnar, on Kodak VPS color negative film.

Feel free to download, and note me with your findings.  I left the file large so you can review the details.

eugene spiegel

For those interested, I opened the kitchen door to the outside and allowed the bird to leave, but as you might have guessed, it took it awhile for the bird to want to go out into the world, while all the heat in the room went first.
Cows.img426, with story by harrietsfriend
Cows.img426, with story
In the midwest these cows in the field have nothing to do all day, so it was only natural they paid me no mind.  One did take the time to lift her head, but didn't care enough to come closer, even though I moooed more than once.

Taken with my Hasselblad 500C with a 80mm Zeiss f2.8 Planar on Kodak VPS color negative film, from the mid 1970s.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel

Those lazy cows. I know they heard me mooo, although I thought I heard the one cow say to the other...

     " How'd that cow get a car? "
Me1980simg427, with story by harrietsfriend
Me1980simg427, with story
What makes this photo interesting is the bicycle ridden and camera shot with.

Taken by a ride friend using my 1950s Zeiss Ikonta  folding bellows 120 film camera, which I carried in the front bag of my 1970s Raleigh International touring bicycle, with Campagnolo components from Italy.  Back then a 6 speed rear gear cluster would give the option of a 12 speed road bicycle.  The Raleigh was built in England with Reynolds 531 double butted steel with a slightly longer wheelbase for stability.  The Zipper fairing was a wind reducing addition to make higher speed possible or to help with stiff headwinds.

At this time I was not racing yet and a young man in my early 30s, content to tour the countryside, covering about 4,000 miles a year. Always safety conscious, my helmet was strapped to the bicycle's top tube for the photo.  The nerdy tall socks helped when walking through the woods.

Taken with Kodak VPS color negative film, asa 100, metered with a Zeiss Ikophot selenium reflective light meter.  The Zeiss Ikonta camera is a 6cm by 6cm square negative, with a Compur shutter and guess focus with a 75mm F3.5-F22 lens.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel
For the first time in my life, I have finally memorized Pi to 10 places, and its all because of Pi day.  

Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, and the ratio is never finalized, hence it goes on forever as a mathematical equation.

Once a century Pi has its day, and this year it will be March 14th, or more exactly to the 10th decimal, March 14, of the year '15, at 9:26 AM, and 53 seconds.  or 3.141592653.

Anyone with some special plans to celebrate?



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