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Angels Fall by borda
by borda

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Portrait de rue by hubert61

This is so good, I immediately assumed in came from a Hollywood make up for a documentary style film. This kind of close up requires co...

2014-195 Lower Falls Footbridge by pearwood

This is a fine black and white photo, but better yet what the Argus C3 was designed for, a great photo on a budget with full control an...

2014-052 Walking the pier by pearwood

Possible the best snow photo taken as an art image with an Argus C3. The composition is correct, the framing pleasing and the image sha...


Ravine, wide.img215, with story by harrietsfriend
Ravine, wide.img215, with story
The forest follows the folds of the land as it comes nearly up to the roadside in Brown County, Indiana, USA.

The front edge of this ravine is strewn with civilization's waste.  After picking my way through cans and papers, and an occasional discarded tire, I made it to the lower edge, having had to fight my way through the brambles.  Here's a tip, wear long pants and hiking boots in the forests.

As I maneuver into a spot without branches to block my view I first shoot with the Leica, as a test exposure, then pleased I take off my backpack, holding the Hasselblad 500C outfit and set up the tripod.  Shooting with a 50mm F4.0 Zeiss Distagon, on Fuji 400 negative film I take first this image, then another with a different lens, which I will post in a few days.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel

The first test exposure, made with the Leica is "Ravine.L1030838" posted October 24, 2014, if you would like to compare the rectangular with this square image.  Whenever I hike through these woods, I try to carry some of the garbage back to my car, so I can dispose of it properly.  This day I kept a souvenir fire brick for my garden, but threw the aluminum cans into recycling.
You might be a redneck.L1040004, with story by harrietsfriend
You might be a redneck.L1040004, with story
If your christmas decorations include the Jeep you have parked in the driveway, and the dog alarm is on, out in the backyard.

On my way home the lit up WWII jeep looked so festive that I had to stop to take the photo.  When the owner came to the front door to investigate who was parked in their drive, I was told it was a 1947 Willys Jeep.  Next to the jeep is a target log for throwing axes.  This is where I live in rural Indiana, USA, but there is more to this story, look below...

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel

I returned to the house for an email address so I could send a photo.   While I was there I learned this was her late husbands jeep and as a sentimental gesture she decorated as a memory for him.  I then gave this photo to our local newspaper, which they might run in the holiday edition, as space permits.
In the snow.L1040172, with story by harrietsfriend
In the snow.L1040172, with story
It snowed last night, really only a dusting, but it reminded me of how beautiful the roads can be with a gentle, chilling blanket, covering everything white and clean.

I took this image in Spring Grove Cemetery, on a mountain bike ride.  I carried my Leica and hand held this image of the back side of this great tree.  I mention this because in a few days I will post another side of a tree in my gallery.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel
Panoramic forest wall.img218, with story by harrietsfriend
Panoramic forest wall.img218, with story
Every now and then, you come across a wall of fall colors.  If you are lucky they will all be in the same plane so that the wall is even in distance, color, height, and intensity.  This was almost the case here, but by my eliminating the top half of my square, predominately sky, and a small section of the bottom, I was able to bring this panoramic forest wall of autumn colors.  Even with throwing away the top half of the negative, I still have a 17MB jpeg file, enough to make a 15" by 30" print.

Taken with my Hasselblad 500C with a 50mm F4.0 Zeiss Distagon, on Fuji 400 negative film on an overcast day which made the illumination even, without the harsh shadows normally lost on film.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel

As this is a large area, it is best viewed large, so go ahead and download, then let me know what you think.
Forest section,2.img208, with story by harrietsfriend
Forest section,2.img208, with story
As you look out your cabin window, the forest is calm and colorful.  It offers a zen quality to life.  Taken in Brown County, with my Hasselbald 500C film camera with an 80mm F2.8 Zeiss Planar, on Fuji 400 negative film.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

eugene spiegel
For the last four years I have been posting a variety of images, but always coming back to my earlier documentary images, taken in the 60s, 70s and later to come the 80s, 90s and more recent times.  I can do this because I had the foresight to carry a camera with me wherever I chose to go.  It was inconvenient, kept me from some fun times, many questionable, but it has become a treasure trove of incredible images, each carrying memories from these times.

Each time period has its character, many to repeat decades later, but if you haven't a way to remember, then you have lost a valuable tool to understand life in our current eras.  What I did wasn't special, it was simple journalism, documentary in nature.

The past if often repeated by those who forget the past.  In some cases, the past has destroyed itself through the modern rewriting of history, or the lack of the physical world that has vanished in what many have falsely assumed is the better modern world.  This too is a repeat of earlier times, as the 1920s were the another modern age.  I'm sure they felt that way, and those in the revolutionary times of the 1700s, most likely did as well.

What I recorded was written on paper, or recorded on film, both mediums that last.  The digital world records, but I feel is might be a limited resource for the future, as it is easily altered, and has a questionable durability to be saved for future generations.  Crashes, storage mediums and constantly changing operating systems allow the information to decay or just be lost over time.

Since the 1970s I have also been recording the daily, the unusual and the unbelievable in book form, in my daily journals, and film.  If you have been a follower of these images and stories, you might want to begin doing this as well.

If you don't, that's fine, but if you do, you can look forward to what I have to offer, to another generation, down the line.

eugene spiegel


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