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March 23
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Interstate 74 tree.img447, part 1 with story by harrietsfriend Interstate 74 tree.img447, part 1 with story by harrietsfriend
I was driving west from Cincinnati, Ohio to Indianapolis, Indiana, USA in the early 1970s and is my style, watching the road for interesting things that caught my eye.  On the return road, going east, I saw a tree for which I exited and came back to photograph.  Unpacking my Hasselblad with its 80mm F 2.8 Zeiss Planar I set up the tripod and took this image, up the tree.  I then retook this particular image with a deep green filter to lighten the leaves in contrast to the dark trunk and limbs.

While recently doing my negative re-organizing, I reviewed the image and gave it the green wash I was unable to do then.  It makes a open window image for the home, leading you to believe it is right outside.  Taken on Kodak Tri-X 120 panchromatic film, I originally had made into a 20" by 24" print, matted and framed photo that hung at the end of my hallway.

At interesting note.  Evidentially it is questionable to stop to take a photo on the interstate.  While I was setting up for this brief moment, I was buzzed by a highway patrol helicopter who most likely reported me to the ground police.  What they didn't know, was I exited and returned on my way west again.  I have posted this companion image as well.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit, and please don't let the highway patrol know.

eugene spiegel
pearwood Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
pearwood Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Fills the square most beautifully.

I expect any car stopped along the Interstate catches their attention.

Follow the story link on this one... Not jumping print - Aug 2010 by pearwood
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