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Up front.img324, with story plus * by harrietsfriend Up front.img324, with story plus * by harrietsfriend
On my Sycamore Street Hill documentation of 1969, I took this photo of young adults.

For me a documentary image requires an "up front" approach, the subjects interact with me and know their picture is being taken.  This allows an edginess to be shown and I feel makes a better, real and often dramatic photo, none of which would happen if taken from a distance.

There is another factor. Back then it would take a bit of time to focus, meter and frame an image, so you were in their face whether you wanted to or not.  I chose to let this work for me and you can see in the expressions their reaction to me on their turf.  This was inner city downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, USA in the late 60s, also a time of social and political unrest over race and Vietnam.  We didn't feel we were poor, but we felt oppressed in some manner.

I have a series of photos in my gallery, Sycamore Street Hill, with others of these images.  If you like this series, watch my site, as I continue to post more.

Taken with a Nikon F, with a 50mm F2.0 Nikkor, with hand held Weston meter, on Kodak Plus X film.

Feel free to download, just give me photo credit.

*NOTE:  If you download and put on a large screen you get a more personal response to them and these times.

eugene spiegel
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Gratulations. You deserve it.
THIS is classic.
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This photo is so powerful.
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i love these old photos.. i enjoyed watching and sharing the ones my family has.. priceless. your collection is timeless 

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WOW! I live near there!
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As an interesting side note.  Back in this time period, these homes were considered undesirable and were valued in the 5,000 to 30,000 dollar world.  Now that the neighborhood has changed to gentry and desired for the great city views, the values have gone to 200,000 to  a million dollars, sometimes just for a shell of a house to be redone.

Miabia100 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thats insane! The pricing increase significantly due to the cities views. I would have never guessed! Thank you for sharing! ^7^
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